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The song 'Are Friends' Electric?' was a surprise number one UK hit single and this album was a huge breakthrough. 'Replicas' began as a concept album, based on a book that Numan never completed about a futuristic metropolis where androids with cloned human skin called 'Machmen' team up with machines to keep citizens controlled under fear and force.

Track Listing:
1. Me! I Disconnect from You - Tubeway Army (3.22)
2. Are 'Friends' Electric? - Tubeway Army (5.25)
3. The Machman - Tubeway Army (3.08)
4. Praying to the Aliens - Tubeway Army (4)
5. Down in the Park - Tubeway Army (4.24)
6. You Are My Vision - Tubeway Army (3.15)
7. Replicas - Tubeway Army (5)
8. It Must Have Been Years - Tubeway Army (4.02)
9. When the Machines Rock - Tubeway Army (3.15)
10. I Nearly Married a Human - Tubeway Army (6.31)

Year of Production: 1979