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Recorded in JRS studios in Berlin pre-COVID, with the final tweaks managed in lockdown Ireland, 'Awake You Lie' comes almost two years to the day after the band's widely acclaimed, Choice Music Prize-nominated, debut album. If their self-titled first album caught the band on the cusp of transitioning from folky songstresses to R'n'B/alt-pop influenced players, then 'Awake You Lie' sees Wyvern Lingo fully immersed in who they are as a band - superb musicians and supernatural harmonisers with a gimlet eye to spear the ever shifting mores of modern relationships, both intimate and platonic.

Track Listing:
1. Only Love Only Light - Wyvern Lingo
2. There's a Place - Wyvern Lingo
3. Rapture - Wyvern Lingo
4. Things Fall Apart - Wyvern Lingo
5. Don't Say It - Wyvern Lingo
6. Ask Away - Wyvern Lingo
7. Sydney - Wyvern Lingo
8. Full Height - Wyvern Lingo
9. Aurora - Wyvern Lingo
10. In Colour/On the Mend - Wyvern Lingo

Year of Production: 2021