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Suffused with a hazy and surreal quality, Crowley describes 'The Watchful Eye of the Stars' poignant narratives as those which insisted themselves upon him. It seemed these songs came to him more or less fully formed. 'It's a beautiful and mysterious thing', he says. For Crowley, the creative process is an organic event rather than a practice he feels compelled to regulate or control. He approaches lyrics much like he does short story writing. 'The songs straddle the conscious and subconscious world and some are even psychedelic in my mind, but to me they are all at once true stories and born of another place', he shares.

Track Listing:
1. Northbound Stowaway - Adrian Crowley
2. I See You Among Strangers - Adrian Crowley
3. Underwater Song - Adrian Crowley
4. Bread and Wine - Adrian Crowley
5. A Shut- In's Lament - Adrian Crowley
6. The Colours of the Night - Adrian Crowley
7. The Singalong - Adrian Crowley
8. Ships On the Water - Adrian Crowley
9. Crow Song - Adrian Crowley
10. Take Me Driving - Adrian Crowley

Year of Production: 2021