"The Imaginary Museum" is the debut album by Dublin’s Autre Monde. Released through Strange Brew Records (Junior Brother, Squarehead, Daithi), the long-player follows a run of singles and an EP stretching back to 2017. Put together over several sessions with Girl Band's Daniel Fox as producer, the album's 9 songs mark a definitive statement from a band who have evolved their earlier interpretations of post-punk/art-pop to arrive at a richer, more expressive moment, often taking folk-ish melodies and structures as a launchpad.

Touchpoints include Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Roxy Music, Harmonia, Fairport Convention circa ‘Liege & Leaf’, Grace Jones, the Human League, Alex Cameron - and most especially the organising principle to make a record “by a band who were playing esoteric post-punk in 1979 but who are now transplanted to 1986 where a hit is demanded”. It is a darkly tuneful record, dotted with moments of outright pop - see recent single 'On the Record' with its exuberant sax break, for example, or the pulsating, mutating 'Fever in May'.

Track Listing:
1. Lesser Than You
2. On The Record
3. Brain Upon Your Pillow
4. Balls Of Your Suit
5. Three Mandolins
6. Fever In May
7. Saturday
8. The Operator
9. Truly Glowing

Year of Production: 2020