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When you have been turning out new music for nigh on six decades, whether performing solo, in seminal ensembles, exciting collaborations or with esteemed accompanists, the back catalogue can sometimes become underappreciated or in Christy’s case, even hard to find. Christy Moore has lived several music lives at this stage, an odyssey that has led as down as many backroads as it has the motorways to mainstream fame and success, and it seems like on every aberration off the beaten track Christy has dropped gold. As one of those rare artists who has somehow managed to remain relevant and socially pertinent to this day, you could forgive Christy for forgetting where he buried the treasure. In the archives of Christy Moore’s history, beyond the multi-platinum albums and the big songs that have sound-tracked a society, lay many dormant gems on dusty discs in lonely libraries. It was time to go looking for them, to piece back the puzzle, to celebrate and appreciate those moments once again. Here, on this first ever comprehensive retrospective of Christy’s early works, we find a selection of songs from Christy’s run of albums and live TV appearances from 1969 to 1981. Many of these tracks have only ever been available on long-lost vinyl pressings or in the case of the RTÉ and BBC performances, they have, until now, remained unreleased.

“This Early Years project has uncovered songs and recordings long since forgotten. Some tracks are rough and ready just as my life was back then, most bring back good memories of nights long gone, of songs long since sung. I am happy that these early works have been remastered, given a fresh context and a new lease of life. Thanks for listening”. Christy Moore, Dublin, August 2020

Track Listing:
1. Home By Bearna
2. Lanigan’s Ball
3. Limerick Rake
4. Johnny Jump Up
5. Tippin’ It Up To Nancy
6. Rambling Robin
7. Little Musgrave
8. Nancy Spain
9. Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair (Live In Dublin, 1978)
10. What Put The Blood?
11. Sacco & Vanzetti
12. Hey Sandy (Live In Dublin, 1978)
13. The Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man (Live In Dublin, 1978)
14. The Cliffs Of Dooneen
15. One Last Cold Kiss; Trip To Roscoff
16. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy; Tabhair Dom Do Lámh
17. The Moving-On-Song (Go! Move! Shift!)
18. Spancilhill
19. The Foxy Devil
20. Clyde’s Bonnie Banks (Live In Dublin, 1978)
21. January Man
22. Dalesman’s Litany
23. Paddy On The Road
24. The Pages That I Read Make Me Sadder (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
25. The Dark Eyed Sailor (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
26. The Ballad Of Tim Evans (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
27. 1913 Massacre (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
28. The Sun Is Burning (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
29. House Down In Carne (The Ballad Of Nuke Power) (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
30. I Wish I Was In England (Live At The Abbey Tavern, 1980, RTÉ)
31. Galtee Mountain Boy (Live On Aisling Gheal, 1979, RTÉ)
32. Trip To Jerusalem (Live At Adare Manor, 1981, RTÉ)
33. John O’Dreams (Live At Adare Manor, 1981, RTÉ)
34. Bogey’s Bonnie Belle (BBC Live Session from ‘As I Roved Out’, 1979)
35. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) (BBC Live Session from ‘As I Roved Out’, 1979)
36. Cricklewood (BBC Live Session from ‘As I Roved Out’, 1979)
37. The Workers Are Being Used Again (Live On ‘The Late Late Show’, 1979, RTÉ)
38. Avondale (Live On ‘Ballad Sheet’, 1969, RTÉ)
39. The Ballad Of James Larkin (Live On ‘Ballad Sheet’, 1969, RTÉ)