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Debut album by the English electronic music producer and DJ. Innovative and forward-thinking, 'Drone Logic' manages to draw influences from beyond the dancefloor via My Bloody Valentine, NEU! and Chris Carter while still having the techno pulse to scale the walls of any club. The wide array of plaudits and early adopters of Avery's music is proof of this, ranging from acid house legends like The Chemical Brothers, Andrew Weatherall and Richie Hawtin to the best of the new breed in Maya Jane Coles, James Holden and Factory Floor.

Track Listing:
1. Water Jump - Daniel Avery
2. Free Floating - Daniel Avery
3. Naive Response - Daniel Avery
4. Drone Logic - Daniel Avery
5. These Nights Never End - Daniel Avery
6. Platform Zero - Daniel Avery
1. Need Electric - Daniel Avery
2. All I Need - Daniel Avery
3. Spring 27 - Daniel Avery
4. Simulrec - Daniel Avery
5. New Energy (Live Through It) - Daniel Avery
6. Knowing We'll Be Here - Daniel Avery

Year of Production: 2013