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Doves' debut studio album, release April 3 2000, and achieving minor chart success, with number 16 achieved on the UK Albums Chart. It was preceded by the track “The Cedar Room,” released as a single in March. The singles weren’t particularly successful, rather it was the album as a whole that achieved critical and commercial success.

It’s one of a number of alternative brit-rock records that came to define the 2000s, along with Glass self-titled debut, and albums like Turn on the Bright Lights by Interpol. Characterised by lush harmonies and insistent melodies, the record was set a blueprint that the band would follow for the next ten years.

Track Listing:
A1 Firesuite
A2 Here It Comes
A3 Break Me Gently
B4 Sea Song
B5 Rise
B6 Lost Souls
C7 Melody Calls
C8 Catch The Sun
C9 The Man Who Told Everything
D10 The Cedar Room
D11 Reprise
D12 A House

Year of Production: 2000