Heroes don't always wear capes; some of them just wear their hearts on their sleeves. This is precisely what makes Kid Cudi one of the most important artists of the past 15 years. A pioneer of openness and vulnerability, he blazed a trail so that the likes of Drake, Logic and Childish Gambino could prosper with their signature brands of emo-rap. The Ohio rapper returns with his first solo album in four years.

Track Listing:
1. Beautiful Trip - Kid Cudi
2. Tequila Shots - Kid Cudi
3. Another Day - Kid Cudi
4. She Knows This - Kid Cudi
5. Dive - Kid Cudi
6. Damaged - Kid Cudi
7. Heaven On Earth - Kid Cudi
8. Show Out (With Skepta and Pop Smoke) - Kid Cudi
9. Mr. Solo Dolo III - Kid Cudi
1. Sad People - Kid Cudi
2. Elsie's Baby Boy (Flashback) - Kid Cudi
3. Sept. 16 - Kid Cudi
4. The Void - Kid Cudi
5. Lovin' Me (Feat. Phoebe Bridgers) - Kid Cudi
6. The Pale Moonlight - Kid Cudi
7. Rockstar Knights (With Trippie Redd) - Kid Cudi
8. 4 Da Kidz - Kid Cudi
9. Lord I Know - Kid Cudi

Year of Production: 2020