Knock Knock' is the third studio album by the German electronic musician. Like all DJ Koze records, 'Knock Knock' exists outside of trend and influence. In fact, it's a step further beyond: absolutely every single thing here, from grooves to voices to handclaps, is otherworldly and unique. Which is not to say it is utterly alien abstraction, mind. There is still disco, there is still soul, there is still techno, there is still hip hop, there is still psychedelia - there are even wafts of easy listening, lost crackly thriftstore record memories and, sort of, indie rock - but though it may sound familiar, it never does what your brain thinks it's going to do.

Track Listing:
1. Club Der Ewigkeiten - DJ Koze (4.09)
2. Bonfire - DJ Koze (5.25)
3. Moving in Liquid (Feat. Eddie Fummler) - DJ Koze (4.4)
4. Music On My Teeth (Feat. José Gonzaléz) - DJ Koze (4.16)
5. Colors of Autumn (Feat. Speech) - DJ Koze (4.24)
6. This Is My Rock (Feat. Sophia Kennedy) - DJ Koze (3.59)
7. Illumination (Feat. Róisín Murphy) - DJ Koze (4.31)
8. Planet Hase (Feat. Mano Le Tough) - DJ Koze (5.11)
1. Pick Up (Album) - DJ Koze (6.38)
2. Scratch That (Feat. Róisín Murphy) - DJ Koze (4.36)
3. Muddy Funster (Feat. Kurt Wagner) - DJ Koze (5.24)
4. Baby (How Much I LFO You) - DJ Koze (4.31)
5. Jesus - DJ Koze (5.13)
6. Lord Knows - DJ Koze (4.07)
7. Seeing Aliens (Album) - DJ Koze (4.52)
1. Drone Me Up, Flashy (Feat. Sophia Kennedy) - DJ Koze (6.33)
2. Take a Run (Feat. Ada) - DJ Koze (4.53)

Year of Production: 2018