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Following an extensive tour of her sophomore album Passenger, Lisa Hannigan went through a bout of writer's block. In the midst of this, a life boat appeared from Aaron Dessner of The National, who contacted Hannigan via email, asking if she would be interested in working together. She accepted the offer and so began the collaboration. Soon they were swapping recordings via email and working in studios in the US.

The result of this unexpected collaboration is At Swim, a sophisticated, delicately crafted collection of work, which marks a step in a new direction for Hannigan. Small details blossom into large musical moments and a newly adopted style of arranging, influenced by producer Dessner, gives Hannigan's lyrics more space to breathe and simmer alongside beautiful instrumentation.

Track Listing:
A1 Fall
A2 Prayer For The Dying
A3 Snow
A4 Lo
A5 Undertow
A6 Ora
B1 We, The Drowned
B2 Anahorish
B3 Tender
B4 Funeral Suit
B5 Barton

Year of Production: 2016