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Combining his love of music production and his passion for the 'signature tune','Television Themes' sees Berry enhance his musical reputation following the success of his previous releases encapsulating Berry's formative years as a viewer and paired with his boundless appetite for music - be it psych-folk, electronica, jazz or Prog. Genre-defying, mixed with a love of nostalgia,

Track Listing:
1. Are You Being Served? - Matt Berry
2. The Good Life - Matt Berry
3. LWT - Matt Berry
4. Blankety Blank - Matt Berry
5. Top of the Pops - Matt Berry
6. Picture Box - Matt Berry
7. The Liver Birds - Matt Berry
8. Thames Television - Matt Berry
9. Rainbow - Matt Berry
10. Doctor Who - Matt Berry
11. Wildtrak - Matt Berry
12. World in Action - Matt Berry
13. Sorry - Matt Berry
14. Open University - Matt Berry

Year of Production: 2018