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Rated PG is a collection of Peter Gabriel songs from the movies.

Originally compiled for a limited edition picture disc LP release for Record Store Day 2019, due to fan demand the album is being made more widely available with this black vinyl LP and digipack CD release.

Track Listing:
Side 1
That’ll Do (from the film Babe 2: Pig in the City)
Down to Earth (from the film Wall-E)
This Is Party Man (from the film Virtuosity)
The Book of Love (from the film Shall We Dance?)
Taboo (from the film Natural Born Killers, feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

Side 2
Everybird (from the film Birds Like Us)
Walk Through The Fire (from the film Against All Odds)
Speak (Bol) (from the film The Reluctant Fundamentalist)
Nocturnal (from the film Les Morsures de l’Aube)
In Your Eyes (from the film Say Anything)

Year of Production: 2020