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When The Rolling Stones handpick you to open up for them at Ireland’s biggest
stadium, you know you’re onto a winner. Ireland’s most exciting new export are The
Academic; 2020’s Mick Jagger-approved indie-pop princes-in-waiting. A party-starting four-
piece, their super-uplifting, hugely melodic guitar-driven sound is the product of a tight-knit
gang who’ve been playing together since school, when they first bonded over the sounds of
The Strokes and Vampire Weekend. It’s no surprise these songs sound so timeless; they were produced by Nick Hodgson,
former drummer with the Kaiser Chiefs, who has since collaborated with Dua Lipa, Mark
Ronson, and Duran Duran. “Working with Nick is great, not least because of his indie-disco
heritage, a sound that’s had a lasting impact on our childhoods but he is one of the few guys
that, when we get in a room with him, everything just flows naturally,” explains Craig. It’s
impossible not to hear that energy. We predict big things for The Academic.

Track Listing:
1. Anything Could Happen
2. Acting My Age
3. Unspoken
4. Sunroof
5. Happy Hour
6. Them

Year of Production: 2020