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Lodged somewhere in the previously undiscovered zone where Sonic Youth meets the Jackson 5, The Go! Team's debut, 'Junior Kickstart' kicked out the jams and then spread it on crumpets for tea... and if you thought, that album had it going on, wait till you hear, 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike'. Its hand brake turn music, its doing the ton, its double D-ing the clutch in a Dodge Challenger.

Track Listing:
1. Panther Dash - The Go! Team 
2. Ladyflash - The Go! Team 
3. Feelgood By Numbers - The Go! Team 
4. The Power Is On - The Go! Team 
5. Get It Together - The Go! Team 
6. We Just Won't Be Defeated - The Go! Team
7. Junior Kickstart - The Go! Team 
8. Air Raid Gtr - The Go! Team 
9. Bottle Rocket - The Go! Team 
10. Friendship Update - The Go! Team 
11. Hold Yr Terror Close - The Go! Team 
12. Huddle Formation - The Go! Team 
13. Everyone's a VIP to Someone - The Go! Team

Year of Production: 2004