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Morning of the Earth' took a unique approach to music. G Wayne Thomas's selection of performers, songs and songwriters along with his own writing and performance created a warm blend of country soul and pop that helps carry the film to an esoteric level. For the first time, music was not treated as a background or incidental to the vision on the screen. The music was the narrator, with each track played in its entirety.

Track Listing:
1. Morning of the Earth - G. Wayne Thomas
2. I'll Be Alright - Terry Hannigan
3. First Things First - Taman Shud
4. Sure Feels Good - Brian Cadd
5. Open Up Your Heart - G. Wayne Thomas
6. Simple Ben - John J. Francis
7. Bali Waters - Taman Shud
8. Making It On Your Own - Brian Cadd
9. Day Comes - G. Wayne Thomas
10. Sea the Swells - Taman Shud
11. I'm Alive - Peter Howe
12. Come With Me - Brian Cadd