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The second studio album from the British garage and hip hop act. It is a rap opera which follows the story of its protagonist's relationship with a girl named Simone, alongside the mysterious loss of £1,000 from his home (the eponymous 'grand'). The album can be considered a concept album, since the tracks on the album together in the exact order form a larger scenario overall.

Track Listing:
1. It Was Supposed to Be So Easy - The Streets (3.55)
2. Could Well Be In - The Streets (4.23)
3. Not Addicted - The Streets (3.4)
4. Blinded By the Lights - The Streets (4.44)
5. Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way - The Streets (4.36)
6. Get Out of My House - The Streets (3.52)
7. Fit But You Know It - The Streets (4.14)
8. Such a Twat - The Streets (3.47)
9. What Is He Thinking? - The Streets (4.4)
10. Dry Your Eyes - The Streets (4.31)
11. Empty Cans - The Streets (8.14)

Year of Production: 2004