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The end of Bright Eyes' unofficial hiatus came naturally. Conor Oberst pitched the idea of getting the band back together during a 2017 Christmas party at bright eyes bandmate Nathaniel Walcott's Los Angeles home. The two huddled in the bathroom and called Mike Mogis, who was Christmas shopping at an Omaha Mall. As a title, as a thesis, 'Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was' functions on a global, apocalyptic level of anxiety that looms throughout the record. But on a personal level, it speaks to rooting around in the dirt of one's memories, trying to find the preciousness that's overgrown and unrecognizable.

Track Listing:
1. Pageturners Rag - Bright Eyes
2. Dance and Sing - Bright Eyes
3. Just Once in the World - Bright Eyes
4. Mariana Trench - Bright Eyes
5. One and Done - Bright Eyes
6. Pan and Broom - Bright Eyes
7. Stairwell Song - Bright Eyes
8. Persona Non Grata - Bright Eyes
9. Tilt-a-whirl - Bright Eyes
10. Hot Car in the Sun - Bright Eyes
11. Forced Convalescence - Bright Eyes
12. To Death's Heart (In Three Parts) - Bright Eyes
13. Calais to Dover - Bright Eyes
14. Comet Song - Bright Eyes

Year of Production: 2020