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Let's Dance' is the 15th studio album by David Bowie. Co-produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers, the album contains three of his most successful singles; the title track, 'Let's Dance', which reached No. 1 in the UK, US and various other countries, as well as 'Modern Love' and 'China Girl', which both reached No. 2 in the UK. 'China Girl' was a new version of a song which Bowie had co-written with Iggy Pop for the latter's 1977 album 'The Idiot'. It also contains a re-recorded version of the song 'Cat People', which had reached number one in New Zealand, Norway and Sweden a year earlier.

1. Modern Love - David Bowie (4.48)
2. China Girl - David Bowie (5.33)
3. Let's Dance - David Bowie (7.37)
4. Without You - David Bowie (3.1)
5. Ricochet - David Bowie (5.14)
6. Criminal World - David Bowie (4.25)
7. Cat People - David Bowie (5.1)
8. Shake It - David Bowie (3.5)

Year of Production:1999