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'The Talkies' is Girl Band's follow-up album to their ground breaking 2015 debut 'Holding Hands with Jamie'. The album encompasses everything there is to love about the group while simultaneously causing an exciting level of discomfort. The moaning and sawing guitars, atonal blankets of sound, abstractive lyrical repetition, chugging snare and ascending/descending snakes and ladders noise-rock guitar, deliver something that is so distinctively Girl Band.

Track Listing:
1. Prolix - Girl Band
2. Going Norway - Girl Band
3. Shoulderblades - Girl Band
4. Couch Combover - Girl Band
5. Aibophobia - Girl Band
6. Salmon of Knowledge - Girl Band
7. Akineton - Girl Band
8. Amygdala - Girl Band
9. Caveat - Girl Band
10. Laggard - Girl Band
11. Prefab Castle - Girl Band
12. Ereignis - Girl Band

Year of Production: 2019