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In reaction to the global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, Charli has proven herself to be one of the most adaptable artists working today; initially providing programs of Instagram live sessions that invited various guests to spark conversation, share insight, or simply entertain fans across the world who are currently practicing social distancing. Charli's vision then expanded further, leading her to announce 'How I'm Feeling Now' - an album written, recorded and released in 39 days, completely in self-isolation. The creative process was also to push her collaborative stream in a unique way; opening up the recording, writing, artwork, music videos and more to fans for feedback and contribution - she also further inspired her fans' creativity, allowing them access to song stems to create remixes and greenscreen footage to be edited using their own imagination.

Track Listing:
1. Pink Diamond - Charli XCX
2. Forever - Charli XCX
3. Claws - Charli XCX
4. 7 Years (Feat. BJ Burton) - Charli XCX
5. Detonate - Charli XCX
6. Enemy - Charli XCX
7. I Finally Understand - Charli XCX
8. C2.0 - Charli XCX
9. Party 4 U - Charli XCX
10. Anthems - Charli XCX
11. Visions - Charli XCX

Year of Production: 2020