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Formed by ex-Skids guitarist Stuart Adamson in 1981 with old friend Bruce Watson and, from 1982, rhythm section Tony Butler and Mark Brzezicki, Big Country proved a fascinating proposition, adding punk, new wave and even new romantic elements to heavy, meaning-laden pop/rock with a passionate Celtic slant and fierce integrity. 'The Seer', released in 1986, contained the group's biggest UK hit single, 'Look Away', a glorious arms-in-the-air '80s rock anthem. As if to underline quite how highly regarded Big Country had become, Kate Bush - not one known to offer her services lightly - guests on the album's title track. The melody-rich album, which reached No. 2 in the UK charts and made the Billboard Top 60, produced by Robin Millar, explores Scottish history, and demonstrates quite how Stuart Adamson had matured as a songwriter.

Track Listing:
1. Look Away - Big Country
2. The Seer - Big Country
3. The Teacher - Big Country
4. I Walk the Hill - Big Country
5. Eiledon - Big Country
6. One Great Thing - Big Country
7. Hold the Heart - Big Country
8. Remembrance Day - Big Country
9. The Red Fox - Big Country
10. The Sailor - Big Country

Year of Production: 1986