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In the mid-1970s, a force of nature swept across the continental United States, cutting across all strata of race and class, rooting in our minds, our homes, our culture. A book called 'The Secret Life of Plants'. Perhaps the craziest claim of the book was that plants dug music. Whether you purchased a snake plant, asparagus fern, peace lily, you also took home 'Plantasia', an album recorded especially for them. Subtitled 'Warm Earth Music for Plants - and the People That Love Them', it was full of bucolic, charming, stoner-friendly, decidedly unscientific tunes enacted on a new-fangled device called the Moog.

Track Listing:
1. Plantasia - Mort Garson (3.23)
2. Symphony for a Spider Plant - Mort Garson (2.41)
3. Baby's Tears Blues - Mort Garson (3.03)
4. Ode to an African Violet - Mort Garson (4.04)
5. Concerto for Philodendron and Pothos - Mort Garson (3.09)
6. Rhapsody in Green - Mort Garson (3.28)
7. Swingin' Spathiphyllums - Mort Garson (2.59)
8. You Don't Have to Walk a Begonia - Mort Garson (2.31)
9. A Mellow Mood for Maidenhair - Mort Garson (2.17)
10. Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant - Mort Garson (3.23)

Year of Production: 1976