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Third studio album by the legendary English rock group. The first side of the album contains songs from the soundtrack to the film of the same name. In contrast to their first two albums, all 13 tracks on 'A Hard Day's Night' were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney showcasing the development of their songwriting talents. The album includes the title track, with its distinct opening chord, and the previously released 'Can't Buy Me Love', both transatlantic number-one singles for the band.

Track Listing:
1. A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles (2.33)
2. I Should Have Known Better - The Beatles (2.44)
3. If I Fell - The Beatles (2.22)
4. I'm Happy Just to Dance With You - The Beatles (1.59)
5. And I Love Her - The Beatles (2.31)
6. Tell Me Why - The Beatles (2.1)
7. Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles (2.15)
8. Any Time at All - The Beatles (2.13)
9. I'll Cry Instead - The Beatles (1.48)
10. Things We Said Today - The Beatles (2.39)
11. When I Get Home - The Beatles (2.18)
12. You Can't Do That - The Beatles (2.38)
13. I'll Be Back - The Beatles (2.21)

Year of Production: 1964