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Sixth studio album but Swedish pop group ABBA, released in June 1979. Disco influences are heard throughout the album in singles such as 'Voulez-Vouz' and 'Does Your Mother Know', as well as featuring softer ballads: 'I Have a Dream' and 'Chiquitita'.

Track Listing:
1. As Good As New - ABBA 
2. Voulez-vous - ABBA 
3. I Have a Dream - ABBA 
4. Angeleyes - ABBA 
5. The King Has Lost His Crown - ABBA 
6. Does Your Mother Know - ABBA 
7. If It Wasn't for the Night - ABBA 
8. Chiquitita - ABBA 
9. Lovers (Live a Little Longer) - ABBA 
10. Kisses of Fire - ABBA 

Year of Production: 1979