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Coming an incredible 40 years since their last studio album ‘The Visitors’, ABBA have announced a brand-new album. VOYAGE. We here at The Record Hub are delighted to bring you the LIMITED-EDITION Blue Colour LP, available now for pre-order. The album, recorded at Benny’s studio Riksmixningsverket in Stockholm, features the two brand new singles; ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ and ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’, that will both feature in the concert that will also feature in the upcoming stage show of the same name.


  1. I Still Have Faith In You
  2. When You Danced With Me
  3. Little Things
  4. Don’t Shut Me Down
  5. Just A Notion
  6. I Can Be That Woman
  7. Keep An Eye On Dan
  8. Bumblebee
  9. No Doubt About It
  10. Ode To Freedom