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Following their much-acclaimed 2019 album, 'Prokopton', Toulouse based symphonic melodic death metal force Aephanemer returns with their third and thunderous full-length record. Each single on the album provides an exciting and refreshing mixture of metallic elements that are both technically superior and emotively rousing. Tracks such as 'Panta Rhei' showcase the band's ability to combine blistering, speedy riffs with a thrilling symphonic sound that takes you on a journey right into a death metal fairy tale, while other tracks such as second single 'Antigone' represent the dark and gloomier yet no less powerful side of the band.

Track Listing:
1. Land of Hope - Aephanemer
2. Antigone - Aephanemer
3. Of Volition - Aephanemer
4. Le Radeau De La Méduse - Aephanemer
5. Roots and Leaves - Aephanemer
6. Vague À L'âme - Aephanemer
7. Strider - Aephanemer
8. Panta Rhei - Aephanemer
9. A Dream of Wilderness - Aephanemer
10. Old French Song (Bonus Track) - Aephanemer
11. Le Radeau De La Méduse (French Version) (Bonus Track) - Aephanemer

Year of Production: 2021