Rhythmic, dynamic album opener 'Titokowaru' begins with determined rowing chants and depicts the tale of a famous war chief that challenged the colonial government in New Zealand and led a rebel army, backed by quick riffage and driving drums. Following standout 'Hatupatu', inspired by the harrowing, legendary tale of a de Jong ancestor facing off with a witch, is carried by frenzied guitars, spirited chanting and tribal-like percussion, while colossal, mosh-ready track 'Tangaroa' details one of the album's most pressing themes - climate change and illegal fishing practices. Further prime examples of the band's innate ability to put rich stories to riotous sound include the profoundly raw stunner 'Ihenga', immense 'Kai Whatu' and impassioned fan favorite 'Ahi Ka'.

Track Listing:
1. Titokowaru - Alien Weaponry
2. Hatupatu - Alien Weaponry
3. Ahi Ka - Alien Weaponry
4. Tangaroa - Alien Weaponry
5. Unforgiving - Alien Weaponry
6. Blinded - Alien Weaponry
1. Kai Whatu - Alien Weaponry
2. Crooked Monsters - Alien Weaponry
3. Buried Underground - Alien Weaponry
4. Dad - Alien Weaponry
5. Ihenga - Alien Weaponry
6. Down the Rabbit Hole - Alien Weaponry

Year of Production: 2021