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Maria Somerville draws on folk forms alongside post-punk, traditional Irish motifs, starry eyed pop and hypnotic drones to create wholly original music that is borne of her roots in Connemara, Western Ireland. 'All My People' channels the wilderness of the Irish landscape through dense, ethereal soundscapes, bare boned percussion and a heady electronic undertow, interspersed with ghostly vocals that are ever present and all encompassing, like crystalline glints of sunshine peeking through dark stormy clouds.

Track Listing:
1. Eyes Don't Say It - Maria Somerville
2. This Way - Maria Somerville
3. Undoing - Maria Somerville
4. Dreaming - Maria Somerville
5. All My People - Maria Somerville
6. All Too Much - Maria Somerville
7. Brighter Days - Maria Somerville

Year of Production: 2019