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Amber's debut album arrives almost 4 years after the release of her second EP 'Conexao', an extended process that has proved central to its thematic development. The 17 track album can be divided into three main acts that follow the arc of Amber's personal and musical development; WITHOUT, WITHHELD and WITHIN. Amber's debut album is simultaneously a profound concept album and a love letter to herself, richly intertwining messages of self-worth and reflections on the universe beneath a veneer of shimmering pop. In true Amber Mark style, 'Three Dimensions Deep' is a kaleidoscopic melting pot of influences and genres, drawing from funk and R&B, soul and hip-hop with international accents influenced by a nomadic childhood spent travelling the world with her late mother.

Track Listing:
1. One - Amber Mark
2. What It Is - Amber Mark
3. Most Men - Amber Mark
4. Healing Hurts - Amber Mark
5. Bubbles - Amber Mark
6. Softly - Amber Mark
7. FOMO - Amber Mark
8. Turnin' Pages - Amber Mark
9. Foreign Things - Amber Mark
10. On & On - Amber Mark
11. Out of This World - Amber Mark
12. Cosmic - Amber Mark
13. Darkside - Amber Mark
14. Worth It - Amber Mark
15. Competition - Amber Mark
16. Bliss - Amber Mark
17. Event Horizon - Amber Mark

Year of Production: 2021