'American Dream' is the fourth studio album by American rock band LCD Soundsystem, released in 2017. 'American Dream' is an emotionally charged and tightly wound return, balancing bursts of dance-punk energy with post-punk moodiness and synth pop abstraction, powered by insistent beats and Murphy's distinctive vocals. It's an album made equally for the feet, the brain, and the heart, with moments of melancholy and release, sadness and joy, all delivered with an unsentimental, unpretentious eye and ear. The times still require a great rock band (with synths) that can tap into the anxieties of modern life while also dancing the night away. 'American Dream' isn't just a triumphant comeback, it's another great album by a great band.

Track Listing:
1. Oh Baby - LCD Soundsystem
2. Other Voices - LCD Soundsystem
3. I Used To - LCD Soundsystem
4. Change Yr Mind - LCD Soundsystem
5. How Do You Sleep? - LCD Soundsystem
6. Tonite - LCD Soundsystem
7. Call the Police - LCD Soundsystem
8. American Dream - LCD Soundsystem
9. Emotional Haircut - LCD Soundsystem
10. Black Screen - LCD Soundsystem

Year of Production: 2017