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Channeling the manic euphoria that has compelled Andrew W.K.'s auditory insignia for decades, 'God Is Partying' is comprised of nine exhilarating exaltations soaked with a flood of epic energy - often traversing nearly impenetrable lyrical themes while remaining refreshingly relatable, inspiring, and vital for survival.

Track Listing:
1. Everybody Sins - Andrew W.K.
2. Babalon - Andrew W.K.
3. No One to Know - Andrew W.K.
4. Stay True to Your Heart - Andrew W.K.
5. Goddess Partying - Andrew W.K.
6. I'm in Heaven - Andrew W.K.
7. Remember Your Oath - Andrew W.K.
8. My Tower - Andrew W.K.
9. And Then We Blew Apart - Andrew W.K.

Year of Production: 2021