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Known for being one of the most creative forces to come out of Melbourne's post-rock scene, Anita came to London in 1980 with The Birthday Party. Credited as a co-founder of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds, Lane exerted a strong influence over the band and co-wrote the universally acclaimed 'From Her to Eternity' and the haunting 'Stranger Than Kindness', whilst also collaborating with the likes of Barry Adamson, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Haut and Mick Harvey on his celebrated Serge Gainsbourg albums. This is her 2001 album 'Sex O'Clock'.

Track Listing:
1. Home Is Where the Hatred Is - Anita Lane 
2. The Next Man That I See - Anita Lane 
3. Do That Thing - Anita Lane 
4. I Hate Myself - Anita Lane 
5. A Light Possession - Anita Lane 
6. I Love You, I Am No More - Anita Lane 
7. Like Caesar Needs a Brutus - Anita Lane 
8. Do the Kamasutra - Anita Lane 
9. The Petrol Wife - Anita Lane 
10. Bella Ciao - Anita Lane 

Year of Production: 2001