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Produced and recorded by Arca, 'KiCk i' defines a new era of multiplex harmony for the Venezuelan artist, singer, DJ, performer and experimental music composer. With appearances from Björk, Rosalía, Shygirl and SOPHIE, this is the first time Arca has invited collaborators into her world, previously having lent her sound to some of the decades most avant-pop artists.

Track Listing:
1. Nonbinary - Arca
2. Time - Arca
3. Mequetrefe - Arca
4. Riquiqui - Arca
5. Calor - Arca
6. Afterwards (Feat. Björk) - Arca
7. Watch (Feat. Shygirl) - Arca
8. KLK (Feat. Rosalía) - Arca
9. Rip the Slit - Arca
10. La Chíqui (Feat. SOPHIE) - Arca
11. Machote - Arca
12. No Queda Nada - Arca

Year of Production: 2020