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Audiobooks threw absolutely everything at their 2018 debut album, 'Now! (in a minute)', a hectic, head-spinning blast of freewheeling freak-pop genius. On its follow-up, 'Astro Tough', they've somehow found a way to ramp things up even further, concentrating their chaotic energy and inherent weirdness into a record that's bigger, deeper and more powerful than even its predecessor.

Track Listing:
1. The Doll - Audiobooks
2. Lalala It's the Good Life - Audiobooks
3. The English Manipulator - Audiobooks
4. He Called Me Bambi - Audiobooks
5. Blue Tits - Audiobooks
6. First Move - Audiobooks
7. Driven By Beef - Audiobooks
8. Trouble in Business Class - Audiobooks
9. Black Lipstick - Audiobooks
10. Farmer - Audiobooks

Year of Production: 2021