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2015 reissue of the 1991 version to Augustus Pablo's 'Rockers International' (1980) compilation, replete with reworked tracklisting. Pablo's melodica and signature drum & bass foundations are at the root of ten tracks on this first volume of deep, mystical dubs and golden age rockers.

Track Listing:
1. El Rockers Chapter One - Jah Iny
2. El Rockers Chapter Three - Augustus Pablo
3. Three Men in a Truck Back - Delroy Williams
4. Free Jah Jah Children - Jah Bull
5. Cool Melody - Augustus Pablo
1. The Rastaman - Earl Sixteen
2. Peaceful Man Dub - Rockers All Stars
3. Protect Them - Norris Reid
4. Give a Little Bit - Tetrack
5. Destiny - Augustus Pablo

Year of Production: 1991