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Chrysalis' is coloured with a poignant sense of awe and wonder, evoking a universe of AVAWAVES, celebrating the magic of nature, imagination and the power of dreams. AVAWAVES are rooted in cinematic narratives, evoking emotional journeys of the heart and mind. Their second full-length album masterfully layers ethereal keys over swelling strings and pulsating synths in a series of euphoric epics. Sublime, celestial textures ebb and flow, building towards far-reaching climaxes where everything comes together in effortless, natural harmony. The bold expressive palette reveals the influence of surrealist artists such as Katharina Grosse and Hilma af Klint, as well as the films that shape their worlds, like Georges Méliès' 'A Trip to the Moon'. It brims with energy and light, illuminating the power of dreams.

Track Listing:
1. Chrysalis - AVAWAVES
2. Seahorse - AVAWAVES
3. Danu - AVAWAVES
4. Emerging Flight - AVAWAVES
5. Before We Wake - AVAWAVES
6. Midnight Bird (Feat. YVA) - AVAWAVES
7. Lucid Dreaming - AVAWAVES
8. Forest Whispers - AVAWAVES
9. Sail Wave - AVAWAVES
10. Awakening - AVAWAVES

Year of Production: 2021

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