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Maija Sofia, one of Ireland's most lauded young folk artists has produced a timeless debut album, inspired by story-driven traditional folk-ballads, shone through the lens of a punk DIY ethos. 'Bath Time' deals with the ways in which women's voices, stories and desires have been sidelined and misrepresented throughout history.

Track Listing:
1. The Gold Shoes - Maija Sofia
2. Hail Mary - Maija Sofia
3. Edie Sedgwick - Maija Sofia
4. The Wife of Michael Cleary - Maija Sofia
5. The Glitter - Maija Sofia
6. Cobweb - Maija Sofia
7. Morning - Maija Sofia
8. Elizabeth - Maija Sofia
9. The Trees They Do Grow High - Maija Sofia

Year of Production: 2019