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Zach Condon, the mastermind behind Beirut, releases his fifth studio album, 'Gallipoli'. The 12-track album started life in the winter of 2016, with Condon returning to his old Farfisa organ, the same one used to write the first two Beirut albums. After settling in the studio, in rural Puglia, southern Italy, Condon began to rediscover the old joys of music as a visceral experience which became the founding principle for 'Gallipoli'.

Track Listing:
1. When I Die - Beirut
2. Gallipoli - Beirut
3. Varieties of Exile - Beirut
4. On Mainau Island - Beirut
5. I Giardini - Beirut
6. Gauze Für Zah - Beirut
7. Corfu - Beirut
8. Landslide - Beirut
9. Family Curse - Beirut
10. Light in the Atoll - Beirut
11. We Never Lived Here - Beirut
12. Fin - Beirut

Year of Production: 2018