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Begin Again' sees Ben delve deeper into alternative Electronica alongside a list of higher profile Indie collaborators, whilst still delivering a number of his trademark melodic house tracks. The album was written entirely during a period where Ben and his fiancé were separated on other sides of the world due to the global travel ban. The emotions that this entailed are laden throughout its sonic textures and songwriting. 'Begin Again' seamlessly cascades from laidback and introspective instrumentals to searing and rich club music, with elevating features from Gordi, lau.ra, PBSR and JONAH that perfectly portray the longing and uncertainty that surround his love life at the time.

Track Listing:
1. Begin Again - Ben Böhmer
2. Beyond Beliefs - Ben Böhmer
3. Home (Feat. JONAH) - Ben Böhmer
4. Erase (Feat. Lau.ra) - Ben Böhmer
5. Strangers - Ben Böhmer
6. Escalate (Feat. JONAH) - Ben Böhmer
7. A Matter of Time - Ben Böhmer
1. Revelation (Feat. PBSR) - Ben Böhmer
2. Fade to Blue - Ben Böhmer
3. Once... - Ben Böhmer
4. Slow Wave (Feat. Gordi) - Ben Böhmer
5. Beyond Beliefs (Extended Mix) - Ben Böhmer
6. Erase (Feat. Lau.ra) [extended Mix] - Ben Böhmer
7. Strangers (Extended Mix) - Ben Böhmer

Year of Production: 2021