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This is a Covid-19 album. I wanted to use this global shutdown as an opportunity to work on a new recording project. But. with the pandemic on, I had no desire to produce an album of new songs with full arrangements and a whole band. New songs are sacred to me. They are precious and rare, and I didn't want to push them into the world with all the covid challenges and isolations to work around. I am a bit neurotic that way. So, instead of looking forward, I looked backward. For years, I have had friends and fans express their desire to have recordings of my songs being performed solo. This was the time to finally take on that project. I called up winner-of-many-regional-awards producer Daniel Ledwell, and proposed that we co-produce a stripped back solo album at his little studio by the lake. I am so glad I did. This is an album that I could not have made without Dan'. - Ben Caplan

Track Listing:
1. Night Like Tonight - Ben Caplan
2. Beautiful - Ben Caplan
3. Drift Apart - Ben Caplan
4. Belly of the Worm - Ben Caplan
5. Lullaby - Ben Caplan
6. Birds With Broken Wings - Ben Caplan
7. Under Control - Ben Caplan
8. 40 Days & 40 Nights - Ben Caplan
9. Down to the River - Ben Caplan
10. Student Song - Ben Caplan

Year of Production: 2021