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With over 30 years in this business and a genre that not only refuses to die but is benefitting from a new lease of life, Benediction are back with arguably their best release to date and will no doubt secure their well earned seat at the top table once more. All the raw power you expect from this colossal metal machine is on show. Crushing guitars from messers Rew and Brookes, vocals from Dave that sound even more powerful than back in the day, all backed up by a solid platform of concrete bass lines from Daniel Bate and a monster behind the kit in Gio Durst, surely soon to be recognised as one of the best drummers in this league.

Track Listing:
1. Iterations of I - Benediction
2. Scriptures in Scarlet - Benediction
3. The Crooked Man - Benediction
4. Stormcrow - Benediction
5. Progenitors of a New Paradigm (Kam Lee) - Benediction
6. Rabid Carnality - Benediction
1. In Our Hands, the Scars - Benediction
2. Tear Off These Wings - Benediction
3. Embrace the Kill - Benediction
4. Neverwhen - Benediction
5. The Blight at the End - Benediction
6. We Are Legion - Benediction

Year of Production: 2020