The Million Things That Never Happened' is Billy Bragg's tenth studio album, on the Cooking Vinyl label. The album is a heartfelt paean to human resilience, featuring 12 soulful country rock gems. The record was produced by Romeo Stodart and Dave Izumi at Echo Zoo studio in Eastbourne, and all songs are written by Bragg apart from the final song ('Ten Mysterious Photos That Can't Be Explained'), which is co-written by Billy's son Jack Valero.

Track Listing:
1. Should Have Seen It Coming - Billy Bragg
2. Mid-Century Modern - Billy Bragg
3. Lonesome Ocean - Billy Bragg
4. Good Days and Bad Days - Billy Bragg
5. Freedom Doesn't Come for Free - Billy Bragg
6. Reflections On the Mirth of Creativity - Billy Bragg
7. The Million Things That Never Happened - Billy Bragg
8. The Buck Doesn't Stop Here No More - Billy Bragg
9. I Believe in You - Billy Bragg
10. Pass It On - Billy Bragg
11. I Will Be Your Shield - Billy Bragg
12. Ten Mysterious Photos That Can't Be Explained - Billy Bragg

Year of Production: 2021