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Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, performer and musician Billy Strings releases 'Renewal' in September 2021. Produced by Jonathan Wilson (Conor Oberst, Roger Waters, Father John Misty) and recorded at Nashville's Sound Emporium Studios, 'Renewal' solidifies Strings' position as a singular artist-one who honors the history of the music that inspires him, while continually pushing it forward. With the record's sixteen tracks, Strings shares a more personal and honest perspective through his songwriting, while incorporating his wide range of influences with elements of bluegrass, classic rock, metal, psychedelic music and more.

Track Listing:
1. Know It All - Billy Strings
2. Secrets - Billy Strings
3. Love and Regret - Billy Strings
4. Heartbeat of America - Billy Strings
5. In the Morning Light - Billy Strings
6. This Old World - Billy Strings
7. Show Me the Door - Billy Strings
8. Hellbender - Billy Strings
1. Red Daisy - Billy Strings
2. The Fire On My Tongue - Billy Strings
3. Nothing's Working - Billy Strings
4. Hide and Seek - Billy Strings
5. Ice Bridges - Billy Strings
6. Fire Line - Billy Strings
7. Runnin' the Route - Billy Strings
8. Leaders - Billy Strings

Year of Production: 2021