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Bing and Ruth is the ever-evolving project helmed by New York composer David Moore. While on a surface level, 'Species' is an exploration of the sonic possibilities of the Farfisa organ, aided only by a clarinet and double bass (played respectively by founding members Jeremy Viner and Jeff Ratner), the title 'Species' is a nod to both humanity and humility - a devotion to the godly intuition with which we are all endowed, and the humbleness required of us to perceive it. It's also about suspended time and trance; not just a steady movement from A to B, but as something that flows, meanders and eddies, like water.

Track Listing:
1. Body in a Room - Bing and Ruth
2. Badwater Psalm - Bing and Ruth
3. I Had No Dream - Bing and Ruth
4. Blood Harmony - Bing and Ruth
1. Live Forever - Bing and Ruth
2. The Pressure of This Water - Bing and Ruth
3. Nearer - Bing and Ruth

Year of Production: 2020