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Five years on from Birdy's last studio album 'Beautiful Lies' (2016), it may sound like a long break between albums but for Birdy, taking time to stop, experience the world and find out who she really is, was a necessary circuit break. Travelling to Nashville, home to the greatest heartache songs ever written and visiting LA drawing from classic artists Joni Mitchell and Nick Dave was the perfect way to seek inspiration. These gorgeous surroundings and collaborators seemed to know, instinctively, how to draw the words out from Birdy imbued 'Young Heart' with strokes of the artists who had gone before.

Track Listing:
1. The Witching Hour - Intro - Birdy
2. Voyager - Birdy
3. Loneliness - Birdy
4. The Otherside - Birdy
5. Surrender - Birdy
6. Nobody Knows Me Like You Do - Birdy
7. River Song - Birdy
8. Second Hand News - Birdy
9. Deepest Lonely - Birdy
10. Lighthouse - Birdy
11. Chopin Waltz in a Minor (Interlude) - Birdy
12. Evergreen - Birdy
13. Little Blue - Birdy
14. Celestial Dancers - Birdy
15. New Moon - Birdy
16. Young Heart - Birdy

Year of Production: 2021