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Originally released in March 1986, 'Black Celebration' is the English electronic band's fifth studio album. The album further cemented the darkening sound created by Alan Wilder, which the band later used for their subsequent albums. Features the singles 'Stripped', 'A Question of Lust', 'A Question of Time' and 'But Not Tonight'.

Track Listing:
1. Black Celebration - Depeche Mode
2. Fly On the Windscreen (Final) - Depeche Mode
3. A Question of Lust (Minimal) - Depeche Mode
4. Sometimes - Depeche Mode
5. It Doesn't Matter Two - Depeche Mode
6. A Question of Time - Depeche Mode
7. Stripped - Depeche Mode
8. Here Is the House - Depeche Mode
9. World Full of Nothing - Depeche Mode
10. Dressed in Black - Depeche Mode

Year of Production: 1986