Foolish Loving Spaces' is the follow-up to Blossoms' 2018 album 'Cool Like You' and features the single 'Your Girlfriend'. The album was produced by the band's consistent and talented team of James Skelly and Rich Turvey at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. Tom Ogden's increasingly direct lyrical range turns album three into a romantic page-turner of light and shade, while its divergent moods are supplied by Myles Kellock's piano and keyboard lines, careering from urgent stabs of TV game show-theme synth to more classic, rolling notes. The record's multi-instrumental colour and widescreen sound is provided by pedal steel/lead guitarist Josh Dewhurst, while Joe Donovan on drums and Charlie Salt on bass bring fluidly danceable grooves throughout, complemented on occasion by a wall of gospel harmony.

Track Listing:
1. If You Think This Is Real Life - Blossoms
2. Your Girlfriend - Blossoms
3. The Keeper - Blossoms
4. My Swimming Brain - Blossoms
5. Sunday Was a Friend of Mine - Blossoms
6. Oh No (I Think I'm in Love) - Blossoms
7. Romance, Eh? - Blossoms
8. My Vacant Days - Blossoms
9. Falling for Someone - Blossoms
10. Like Gravity - Blossoms

Year of Production: 2019