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Under the layers of heavy psychedelic blues-rock and Elin Larsson's soulful and powerful voice, the core of Blues Pills has always been the restless search for change. Change in the human mind and the musical influences they embraced themselves with, from blackened soul to the trippy rides through 60s garage rock music and the devils blues. During their break, Blues Pills has been through some kind of reincarnation. A reincarnation that lead to the new self-produced and recorded album 'Holy Moly!' mixed by Grammy Award winning Andrew Scheps.

Track Listing:
1. Proud Woman - Blues Pills
2. Low Road - Blues Pills
3. Dreaming My Life Away - Blues Pills
4. California - Blues Pills
5. Rhythm in the Blood - Blues Pills
6. Dust - Blues Pills
7. Kiss My Past Goodbye - Blues Pills
8. Wish I'd Known - Blues Pills
9. Bye Bye Birdy - Blues Pills
10. Song from a Mourning Dove - Blues Pills
11. Longest Lasting Friend - Blues Pills

Year of Production: 2020