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Flutist Bobbi Humphrey debuted on Blue Note in 1971 and released a run of six creative and highly enjoyable albums on the label capped by 'Fancy Dancer' in 1975, the flutist's third collaboration with forward-looking producer Larry Mizell. It proved to be a winning combination once again with Humphrey's alluring flute dancing through a set that featured standout Mizell compositions like 'Uno Esta', 'You Make Me Feel So Good' and 'Please Set Me At Ease'.

Track Listing:
1. Uno Esta - Bobbi Humphrey 
2. The Trip - Bobbi Humphrey 
3. You Make Me Feel So Good - Bobbi Humphrey 
4. Fancy Dancer - Bobbi Humphrey 
5. Mestizo Eyes - Bobbi Humphrey 
6. Sweeter Than Sugar - Bobbi Humphrey 
7. Please Set Me at Ease - Bobbi Humphrey

Year of Production: 1975