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Self-titled debut studio album by the rock band, led by singer and guitarist Justin Benlolo. Written at the infamous Mate's Studio in North Hollywood, CA, the record captures all of the seedy, glorious grit of the San Fernando Valley. First single 'Shot Down' hinges on thick guitars before Justin's howling takes hold. It seesaws between dirty blues verses and a skyscraping refrain as he chants, 'Landslide, shaking the crowd... shot down in the bottom of a valley!'

Track Listing:
1. I Can't Lie - BRKN LOVE
2. I See Red - BRKN LOVE
3. Shot Down - BRKN LOVE
4. Flies in the Honey - BRKN LOVE
5. Papercuts - BRKN LOVE
6. Seventeen - BRKN LOVE
7. Toxic Twin - BRKN LOVE
8. Complicated - BRKN LOVE
9. Oxygen - BRKN LOVE
10. Don't Panic - BRKN LOVE
11. In Your Hands - BRKN LOVE

Year of Production: 2020